(subject to change without notice)

Our terms and conditions are part of our rental agreement that must be signed prior to occupancy of your unit.

  1. LESSEE further covenants with Maremoto Holdings Ltd, dba St. Julian Storage, (also referred to as “The LESSOR”) that at the expiration of terms of this Lease, peaceable possession of the premises shall be given to the LESSOR, in as good condition as they are now, normal wear, inevitable accidents and loss by fire excepted.  LESSEE agrees not to affix shelving or other articles to the walls, ceiling or doors.  LESSEE must keep unit locked at all times, using only one lock per unit door.

  2. LESSEE shall not place or keep in the premises explosives, flammable liquids, contraband or other goods prohibited by the law and agrees to abide by any rules promulgated by The LESSOR governing the use of these premises.  LESSEE shall not permit damage to the premises and shall indemnify and hold The LESSOR harmless from any claim or cause of action arising out of LESSEE’s use of the premises.  LESSEE assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to property stored by LESSEE in the premises and may or may not elect to provide insurance coverage for the same.  The LESSOR DOES NOT MAINTAIN INSURANCE FOR THE BENEFIT OF LESSEE, WHICH IN ANY WAY COVERS ANY LOSS WHATSOEVER THAT LESSEE MAY HAVE OR CLAIM BY RENTING THE STORAGE SPACE OR PREMISES AND EXPRESSLY RELEASES THE LESSOR FROM ANY LOSSES AND/OR DAMAGES TO SAID PROPERTY CAUSED BY FIRE, THEFT, WATER, RAINSTORMS, TORNADO, EXPLOSION, RIOT, RODENTS, CIVIL DISTURBANCES, INSECTS, SONIC BOOM, LAND VEHICLES, UNLAWFUL ENTRY, OR ANY OTHER CAUSE WHATSOEVER, NOR SHALL THE LESSOR BE LIABLE TO LESSEE AND/OR LESSEE’S GUEST OR INVITES OR AGENTS WHILE ON OR ABOUT THE LESSOR PREMISES. The LESSOR does NOT take control of the LESSEES goods and property at any time.

  3. All leases expire on the last day of the month.  The LESSOR may terminate said lease at his option if LESSEE is not in full compliance with the terms of this Lease, subject to The LESSOR’s discretion.  LESSEE’S FAILURE TO VACATE THE PREMISES OR REMOVE THEIR LOCK ON THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS THE LEASE FOR ONE (1) MONTH.

  4. LESSEE agrees to give The LESSOR thirty (30) days written notice of his intention to vacate his storage unit.  THERE ARE NO PRORATED RENT REFUNDS IN THE EVENT THE UNIT IS VACATED BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF THE RENTAL PERIOD.  If the unit is vacated on or after the first of the next month, a full month’s rent is due.

  5. Rental payments are due on the first (1st) day of each month without demand.  Payments made after the 5th day after the end of a month-end are subject to a maximum $25 Late Charge.    If rental payments are not paid in full within five (5) days of the due date, including Late Charge, and/or Returned Charge, of Miscellaneous Charge, the LESSOR may, at his option, declare the LESSEE in default.  No notice need be given of default.  THE LESSOR DOES NOT SEND OUT BILLINGS FOR MONTHLY RENTAL CHARGES UNLESS REQUESTED IN WRITING.

  6. The LESSOR may, at his option, enter the unit to determine abandonment and take possession of the goods in the Storage Unit on or after the 7th day of the month if full payment is not received by the date.  Taking possession of the goods shall consist of over-locking the Storage Unit door and blocking the gate access to prevent LESSEE’s access to the Storage Unit until all rental, late fees and other charges are paid in full.

  7. It is agreed between the LESSOR and LESSEE that the LESSOR shall have a lien against the stored property for unpaid rent and that after the rent is in default 60 days, the LESSOR may, without notice, elect to terminate the rental agreement, retake possession of the unit and enforce the said Lien by selling the stored property at a public or private sale. The LESSEE shall hold the LESSOR harmless from claim of any third parties arising in any manner of said property. The LESSEE, to the full extent permitted by law, waives any rights he or she may have pursuant to the Rent Distress Act R.S.B.C. 1996 as amended. ONLY A PAYMENT IN THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE LIEN WILL BE ACCEPTED TO SATISFY LIEN, PARTIAL PAYMENTS WILL NOT STOP ANY AUCTION PROCEDURES OR LEGAL ACTIONS.

  8. The LESSOR may, at his option, REMOVE THE LESSEE’S LOCK AT LESSEE’S EXPENSE TO APPRAISE STORED GOODS FOR SALE.  The administrative charge for lock cutting is a maximum of $85.  The LESSOR may at this time move property to another location to be stored and LESSEE agrees to be solely liable for any damage, loss or expenses incurred by his action.  And the parties agree that The LESSOR shall have a lien upon all personal property stored in the unit to secure payment of this charge, as well as all other charges owed to The LESSOR.  If the rental account is brought current, the LESSOR shall remove its lock.  IT IS THE LESSEE’S RESPONSIBILITY TO REPLACE HIS LOCK AT THE TIME OF PAYMENT TO INSURE THE SECURITY OF HIS STORAGE UNIT AND TO SECURE HIS STORAGE UNIT BY A LOCK (only one lock per unit door hasp).  AT ALL TIMES, THE LESSOR WILL NOT SUPERVISE USE OF UNIT IN ANYWAY.  THE SAFETY OF ITEMS STORED BY THE LESSEE IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE LESSEE.

  9. In the event The LESSOR is required to obtain the services of a third party to enforce any of the provisions of this Lease, LESSEE agrees to pay in addition to the sums due hereunder, an additional amount as and for fees and cost incurred.

  10. The LESSOR will have the right in the event of an emergency to enter the storage unit with what ever reasonable force is necessary.  They may at their discretion, deny access to premises in case of inclement weather (in particular after significant snowfall) or emergencies.

  11. The Rental rate, deposit amount, late charge, cut-lock, and returned check charge are each subject to increase.  LESSEE shall be given at least thirty (30) days written notice of such increases and this Lease shall be deemed to be so altered if the LESSEE continues his occupancy beyond the effective date of the increase.  Notice on any matter relating to this Agreement shall be deemed given when The LESSOR sends an e-mail to the address given on this Lease or official change of address.  LESSEE shall apprise The LESSOR of any change in his/her contact information (telephone, mailing address or email address) in writing within twenty (20) days of such change.  A new Lease does not have to be executed for any rental rate increases.

  12. The LESSOR shall not owe a duty of care as an occupier pursuant to the Occupiers Liability Act (RSBC 1996) to the LESSEE to see that the LESSEE or the LESSEE’s property will be reasonably safe in using the premises of the LESSOR.

  13. Any right granted herein to The LESSOR may be exercised by The LESSOR’s Rental Agent or other representative or agent.

  14. The LESSEE has inspected the unit and accepted the unit in its present condition and agrees to return the unit in the same condition and shall not make any alterations without the LESSOR’s consent.